Autentic RWA Fund for Tokenization Startups

Launching in June, one month following our successful token sale, the Autentic RWA Fund is a pioneering $5 million initiative designed to bolster startups engaging in the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA). Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by matching the capital they raise through the Autentic platform, effectively doubling their available funding.

Fund Management

With a focus on integrity and innovation, the fund is managed by a seasoned team comprising investors, blockchain specialists, and finance professionals. The management approach involves:

  • Rigorous evaluation of investment prospects.
  • Regular auditing for enhanced transparency and governance.
  • Proactive engagement with and support for portfolio companies.

Application Procedure

To tap into the Autentic RWA Fund, startups are expected to navigate a systematic application journey:

  1. Complete the provided questionnaire on the Autentic platform to submit an initial request.
  2. Undergo a preliminary assessment based on the questionnaire insights.
  3. Submit a comprehensive business proposal that encompasses a strategic roadmap and financial forecasts.
  4. Engage in an insightful dialogue with the fund’s investment panel.
  5. Achieve initial fundraising milestones on the Autentic platform to be eligible for fund matching.

Questionnaire for Fund Request

Initiate your funding endeavor by furnishing the details in the questionnaire below:

AUTENTIC application for RWA (Real World Asset) tokenization funding

Annual Funding Schedule and Batches

Submissions for the Autentic RWA Fund are organized into quarterly batches, allowing for a structured and efficient review process:

Batch Submission Window Evaluation Period Outcome Announcement
Q1 January 1 - February 28 March April 1
Q2 April 1 - May 31 June July 1
Q3 July 1 - August 31 September October 1
Q4 October 1 - November 30 December January 1 (Following Year)

We encourage startups to align their funding applications with the batch timelines to ensure prompt and careful consideration.

As the Autentic RWA Fund readies for its June inauguration, we are excited about the potential to accelerate innovation within the realm of RWA tokenization, and we eagerly anticipate empowering the next wave of trailblazing startups.